Welcome to the New Founding Church of Washington, DC

     Courserooms for students new to Scientology provide a broad range of courses which show how to apply the principles of Scientology to attain greater spiritual freedom.

Church of Scientology, Washington DC
A reception area for students and parishioners for use between counseling and study periods.

     Some of the mansion's larger rooms were convert to courserooms in which Scientologists study their religion's scriptures. In total, the Founding Church has space to service more than 150 students at any time of day.

Church of Scientology, Washington DC
The main courseroom of the Church for religious studies.
For a QuickTime VR tour of the main courseroom, click here. (373K)
     The library makes Mr. Hubbard's prolific writings available to everyone. Through his many years of research, he always recorded his insights and discoveries – leaving a tremendously rich legacy for all who wish to better understand themselves and life.

     All churches of Scientology provide two main services to parishioners – training in the scriptures of the religion, and Scientology spiritual counseling, called “auditing” (from the Latin root “audire,” meaning, literally, “to listen”).

Church of Scientology, Washington DC
Constructed in red granite, this 19th century fireplace located in the chapel is one of 14 that have been meticulously restored.
For a QuickTime VR tour of an auditing room,
click here.
     Thus, seventeen rooms of the Fraser Mansion have been converted for use in auditing. Auditing is the procedure in which a trained Scientology minister helps an individual to look at his own existence so the person improves his own ability to confront what he is and where he is.

     Scientology churches are open to parishioners, as well as visitors, every day of the week.

     Visitors are always welcome, whether it is just to get information about the Scientology religion or to see the Church for themselves and enjoy the pleasure of touring the restored mansion.

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