The History of Dianetics and Scientology in Washington, DC

In late 1932, L. Ron Hubbard directed the West Indies Mineralogical Expedition which left Washington, DC in October.
     To better continue this line of research, Mr. Hubbard left the university in his sophomore year and organized an expedition to the Caribbean. That same year, he returned to the West Indies where, in addition to sociological studies, he conducted the first complete mineralogical survey of Puerto Rico, while under American protectorship. In all, Mr. Hubbard was to examine 21 races and cultures along the road of development to Dianetics and Scientology.

The Doris Hamlin, which L. Ron Hubbard used in his 1932 Caribbean Expedition.

     To fund that research, Mr. Hubbard embarked upon a literary career in 1934, and soon stood at the forefront of American popular fiction. His primary energies, however, remained devoted to the development and refinement of what we know today as Dianetics.